Corporate Contracts & Agreements

Our office provides comprehensive services regarding the formation and ongoing compliance of corporations and other business structures. We are comfortable advising on the advantages of incorporation vs. other structures. We can assist with incorporation and creation of other...
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Residential Real Estate Lawyer in Regina

Purchasing a new home can be one of the most stressful events in a person's life. Our office specializes in assisting clients to complete their purchase with no stress. Over the past 17 years, we have assisted hundreds of clients with their purchase. Selling can also be a stressful time....
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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Regina

Commercial real-estate involves purchasing a property from apartment buildings, strip malls and office towers. What makes real-estate commercial is that the purpose of the purchase is to provide income. We have worked on many large commercial transactions. Commercial real estate...
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Immigration Services

We work with individuals and businesses in supporting immigration applications as well as the immigration process to assist people applying for status in Canada from both within and abroad.

Incorporating A Company

Incorporation involves more than just stopping by the corporate registry to file your papers. It is critical that your company be set up to meet your needs in the beginning. Issues that can arise pertain to classes of shares, and ownership. Many self-incorporated entities have a simple...
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Family Trusts

As family wealth increases, thoughts about tax reduction, wealth preservation and wealth transition also increase. One way families can address all three concerns is by using a family trust. Family trusts can be testamentary (arising on death) or inter vivos (used while alive). A...
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Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to give someone else the authority to act on your behalf. In the document you name another person to do certain things for you as your legal representative. In legal terms you are called a grantor and the person you name to act for you is...
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In Saskatchewan, the Intestate Succession Act determines the distribution of your belongings upon your death. Most people prefer to have specific input into these decisions. Your lawyer is familiar with both the legislation that governs your will, but also ancillary legislation...
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Living Will & Health Care Directive

A Health Care Directive (Living Will) is a document that has been around for about the last 40 years. The purpose of this document is to provide your instructions for the receipt of medical treatment in the event you cannot speak.  One of the keys to this document is that it does...
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Health and Welfare Trusts

A Health and Welfare Trust is a fund established exclusively for the purpose of health care spending. When creating a trust, it is important that the trust document is completed in compliance with Canada Revenue Agency’s rules. In the case of a Health and Welfare Trust, there is no...
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